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The seven friends all had something in common They had all escaped It at some point. And in that summer they learned about It confronted It and killed It. or so they thought. A boy named Adrian Mellon is apparently thrown off a bridge by two other boys for his sexuality. It seems like an open-and-shut case but the boys claim that there was something down below. a clown and a cloud of balloons. Soon the friends are being called back to Derry told that It is back. They made a vow sealed in blood to return if It wasn't dead.
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The swarm sucks Patrick's blood leaving large holes all over his body which causes him to slowly lose consciousness as he is dragged away by It. When he awakens It begins to feed on him. Because It normally takes on the shape of what the victims fear the most when not appearing as Pennywise and Patrick doesn't fear anything except for leeches and being sent away It's face appears as just something blurry and morphing when he looks at it. His corpse is later discovered by the Losers when they go into the sewers to face It for the first time. Edward Eddie Corcoran Eddie Corcoran is a classmate of the Losers Club and Henry's gang.
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